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How to Upgrade to One Card

Staff and faculty, read about how you can upgrade your old employee ID card to the new One Card.


Despite the fact the our One Card giveaway has come to an end, we still want to encourage employees to upgrade to the new One Card. You can do so by visiting our office or by atttending our upcoming mobile card events. Please stay tuned for announcements about future mobile events. 

For more information, please view the One Card replacement service webapge

Please note that UCSD Health Systems and UCSD affiliates are ineligible for the upgrade service at this time. 

New employee One Cards will not include an employee's department, nor their employee number. The One Card is designed this way to provide additional security in the event that an ID card is lost. Additionally the implementation of UC Path will result in new employee numbers for all employees.

Need to find your employee number? Employees can access their employee number via Ecotime and via the new UC Path online portal 

Additionally, any access programmed on the legacy ID card may need to be recoded on the One Card. Please speak with your department or buiding security office, where applicable, to code your new One Card with appropriate access. 

Please continue reading to learn about the eligibility criteria, instructions, and additional information associated with upgrading to the new One Card.  

*Legacy Card Example*                     *One Card Example*

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Current main campus staff or faculty are eligible
    1. Employees at Scripps Institution of Oceanography are also eligible 
    2. UC San Diego Health System employees and UC San Diego affiliates are ineligible and will receive One Card later in 2019 (TBD). Please stay tuned for future communication 
  2. Hired before February 4, 2019
  3. Have a legacy ID card 
    1. Employees must provide their legacy ID card to receive One Card at no cost 
    2. If an employee does not have a legacy ID card, the department or employee will be responsible for paying the $21.00 upgrade fee and completing the Campus Card Request Form.  


  1. Visit our office during our normal operating hours: 
    1. Please check our calendar for our business hours
    2. Map and directions to Student Services Center 354A
  2. Present your legacy ID card 
    1. Employees must provide their legacy ID card to receive One Card at no cost 
  3. Choose between your current photo or take a new photo

  4. No form or individual appointment necessary 
    1. If you plan to visit our office with a group of colleagues or as a department, we ask that you contact us in advance to set up a group appointment (see instructions below)

Group Appointments

When emailing our office to request an appointment, please provide the following information: 

  1. Number of employees 
  2. Preferred date/time
  3. Department 

Please remember that employees must have legacy ID card in order to upgrade to One Card at no cost

Preferred Name

Preferred name is currently unavailable for UCSD employees since we cannot capture preferred name information in any current University system. 

However, we are actively working toward a solution, and hope to offer this feature with the arrival of UC Path in 2020. 

Please monitor your UCSD email for announcements about potential preferred name implementation. You can also contact us at any time if you have additional questions or concerns pertaining to preferred name. 

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