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Employee Organizations: Use of UCSD Facilities

Find out how employee organizations can use UCSD facilities for group meetings.

Employee organizations have the right to use UCSD facilities for meetings under certain guidelines. For detailed regulations, please refer to UCSD policy.


Employee organizations and their representatives:

  • May schedule UCSD classroom and meeting rooms when these facilities aren't in use for university purposes, such as teaching or training. Employee groups, as all other groups, must adhere to the guidelines set for each particular meeting space.
  • May not go into inappropriate or prohibited work areas such as clinics, classrooms (during a class), restricted labs, or private student residences.
  • May confer with employees in nonwork areas, such as cafeterias, patios, and picnic areas.
  • May post information on general purpose bulletin boards only, but not on other bulletin boards or on walls, doors, stairways, etc.
  • May contact employees by U.S. mail but not by campus mail. Employee groups may also use employee mail boxes that aren't in restricted work areas.
  • May not use university supplies and equipment including vehicles, computers, projectors, phones, copy machines, and office supplies.