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Move/ Transfer and Relocation Allowance Contacts

Check the assignment areas below to find the appropriate resource for new appointee/ employee move/ transfer or relocation allowance guidelines.

Assignment area Contact
Staff approvals:
  • Move/ transfer approvals
  • Move/ transfer exception-to-policy approvals
  • Relocation allowance

Michael Yates
Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Equal Opportunity Services
University of California, San Diego
(858) 822-2583
Mail Code 0922

Catherine M. Ledford
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
(858) 534-0286
Mail Code 0922

Doug Levine
Manager, Talent Acquisition
UC San Diego Health, Human Resources
(619) 543-7465
Mail Code 8912

Academic approvals and policy:
  • Move/ transfer policy
  • Move/ transfer exception-to-policy questions
  • Relocation allowance
For move/ transfer, see Academic Affairs, Moving Expenses for Academic Appointees.
For relocation allowance, see Academic Affairs, Faculty Recruitment Allowance.
Moving Company process:
  • Staff and academic move/ transfer questions
  • SIO staff and academic move/ transfer questions
Alma Mendoza
Buyer, Procurement & Contracts
(858) 822-4390
Mail Code 0914

Expense reporting process:
  • Move/ transfer MyTravel claim processing
  • Move/ transfer tax reporting
  • General move/ transfer questions

Chrissy Smith
Manager, Travel & Financial Team & Travel Card Programs
UC San Diego Travel
(858) 534-8419
Mail code: 0998

Notice: Published UCSD policy is decisive as it has been adapted to UCSD's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts. The source for this policy is UC Policy and Regulations for MSP and PSS personnel (PDF) and Senior Management Group Moving Reimbursement (PDF).