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Keeping Your Computer Virus-Free

Use these guidelines to keep your system free of viruses.

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Find out if your system is infected.

If you suspect you have a virus, contact your department computer/ technical support person.

Keep your hard disk free from exposure to viruses.

  • Never put a disk from an unknown source into your computer.
  • Never open an attachment you receive via e-mail, unless you are expecting the attachment from a trusted source.
  • Make sure that others who use your computer do not put a disk from an unknown source into your computer or visit a website that could expose your system to a virus.
  • If you have a program you'd like to install on your computer, and you aren't 100% sure the new program is virus-free, check with your department's computer/ technical support person before you proceed with installation.
  • Use an up-to-date antivirus program, preferably one that also scans for Trojan horse programs. Scan all files coming into your computer.
  • Don't use illegal (pirated) copies of software. The program could have a virus or Trojan horse.

Prepare your system in case it does become infected.

  • Keep your original software on write-protected disks.
  • Back up your files at least once a week — or more often if you don't want to risk losing a week's work. Test your backups to be sure they can be restored.

Stay up to date on viruses and virus protection.

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