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Connecting to the UCSD Web Proxy Server With Safari 2.x and Above (Chrome)

Set up Safari to access UCSD resources from off campus via the proxy server.

Note: You need administrator privileges and your network username and password to authenticate your computer with the proxy server. If you forget your username or password, see Getting or Changing UCSD Passwords.

You can configure Chrome using these instructions.

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1. Open Network Settings

  • Open Safari.
  • Select Preferences from the Safari menu.
  • Click Advanced, then click Proxies: Change Settings.

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2. Configure the proxy server on OSX 10.5.x and below

  • For Configure Proxies, select Using a PAC file.
  • In the PAC File URL: text box, type http://webproxy.ucsd.edu/proxy.pac
  • Click Apply Now or OK to save your settings.
  • Close and restart Safari.

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3. Configure the proxy server on OSX 10.6.x and above

  • For Select a protocol to configure , select Automatic Proxy Configuration.
  • In the Proxy Configuration File URL: text box, type http://webproxy.ucsd.edu/proxy.pac
  • Click OK and Apply
  • Close the Network Setting window
  • Close and restart Safari.

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4. Enter your network username and password.

  • The first time you attempt to access a UCSD-restricted website, you will need to enter your UCSD network username and password, and click OK.

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