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Configuring the UCSD VPN Client for GNU/ Linux via Conventional Installation

Download and configure the new UCSD Virtual Private Network (VPN) AnyConnect client on your Linux machine for a conventional installation.

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1. Download the UCSD VPN AnyConnect client.

  • Download the VPN AnyConnect client for 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Save the client to your desktop.
  • After the download completes, click Terminal under Accessories in the Applications main menu.

    Run terminal utility

2. Run the installation script.

  • Type sudo su and press enter to elevate your user permission.
  • Enter your system root password when prompted.
  • Go to the directory where the installation package downloaded. In this case type cd Desktop and press enter.
  • Type tar vxzf [filename].  Filename is the version of AnyConnect you downloaded.  Press enter to decompress the installation package.
  • Go to the directory where the installation package extracted by typing cd /home/yourusername/Desktop/[uncompressed filename]/vpn and press enter.
  • Type ./vpn_install.sh and press enter to execute the installation script.
  • The screenshot below is from a 32-bit installation:

    Tar command

3. Run the AnyConnect client.

  • Click Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client under Internet in the Applications main menu.

    Run client

4. Connect to the UCSD VPN.

  • Enter vpn.ucsd.edu in the Connect to field.
  • Click Connect.

    Client connection tab

5. Authenticate.

  • Select your desired connection profile from the Group drop-down menu:
    • split – Route only campus traffic through the UCSD VPN. All other traffic goes through your normal Internet provider.
    • allthruucsd – Route all traffic through the UCSD VPN.
      • Use when accessing Library resources
  • Enter your AD username and password.
  • Click Connect.

    Client group select and login

6. Disconnect.

  • Right-click the AnyConnect client icon located near the top right corner of your screen.
  • Select Quit.

    Quit client

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