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Legacy Help Desk Contact Information Transition Plan

Read about how the legacy help desk numbers and email addresses will be retired.


The ACT, ACS and ACMS Help Desks have transitioned to the new ITS Service Desk. By Wednesday, October 4, 2017, these legacy help desks' contacts will be retired.


August 16, 2017

Customers using the legacy numbers:

  • 858-534-1853 (the old ACT Help Desk number)
  • 858-534-1857 (the old ACS Help Desk number)
  • 858-534-2267 (the old ACMS Help Desk number)

will hear the following message before they are transferred to the current Service Desk number: 

"Please note that the number you have dialed will be no longer be in service after September 13, 2017. The new number for the ITS Service Desk is 858-246-4357 or 6-Help. That's 858-246-4357. Please hold while we transfer you to the next available representative."

Customers emailing the following addresses:

  • acshelp@ucsd.edu / acmshelp@ucsd.edu / acs-help@ucsd.edu / acms-help@ucsd.edu (the old ACMS Help Desk addresses)
  • acthelp@ucsd.edu (the old ACT Help Desk address)
  • helpdesk@ucsd.edu (the old ACS Help Desk address)

will receive the following auto-reply before being forwarded to the current Service Desk address:

“Please note that the email address you have used to reach the Service Desk will no longer be in service after September 13, 2017. The new address is servicedesk@ucsd.edu. Your message has been forwarded automatically."

September 13, 2017

Customers calling the legacy numbers will hear a message stating the new Service Desk number and asked to call that number:

  • "The number you have called has been retired. To reach the ITS Service Desk, please hang up and dial 858-246-4357 or 6-Help. That’s 858-246-4357. Thank you and have a nice day."

Customers emailing the legacy addresses will receive the following auto-reply:

“The email address you have used to reach the Service Desk has been retired. Please resend your message to servicedesk@ucsd.edu. Thank you!"

October 4, 2017

The legacy numbers and email addresses will be turned off.

IT Services has been working to make sure that any legacy contact information for the Service Desk is updated. If you know of any resources using a number or email address other than (858) 246-4357/6-HELP or servicedesk@ucsd.edu, please contact the Service Desk and provide the location of the outdated information so we can update that information.



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