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QueryLink New Balance Feature

Personalize a query by adding new columns to combine information from existing columns.

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1. Open the Balances Wizard.

  • Open a query.
  • Click Query Options, scroll down, and click Balances.


  • The Balance Wizard page will open.

2. Set up the new column.

In this example we'll create a new column showing the result of adding two existing columns.

  • Highlight a column name (Financial Amount) in your table and click Add.
  • Click the + button.
  • Highlight another column name (Encumbrance Amount) and click Add.


3. Name the new column.

  • Use no more than 29 characters.
  • Enter the name (Financial+Encumbrance) in the title box.


4. Include the new column in the query.

  • Click Add New Column.
  • The name of the new column will show in the Balances List.
  • Delete a column by highlighting the name and clicking Remove New Column.
  • Screenshot

5. Verify and approve.

  • Check that the column’s formula is correct and make any adjustments.
  • Click OK.

6. Finish setting up the query.

  • Set the other query parameters.
  • Click Submit. The query will return with the new column.

Note: You'll need to repeat the steps above the next time you want to create the new column.

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