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Newsgroups: USENet News Service

Learn how UCSD employees and students can access Internet newsgroups via the UCSD USENet newsservice.

What is a newsgroup?

Internet newsgroups differ from chat rooms in that they're not "real-time" discussions. Users post a message — a letter, an essay, a question — to the newsgroup. That message is then sent to thousands of different "news servers" — basically archives of posts — and kept there for days, weeks, or months, depending on how the news server is set up. Users can post replies to the original message if they want, or just read it along with other people's replies.

Using newsgroups at UCSD

To use newsgroups, you need the name of your ISP's (Internet service provider) news server and a news reader.

  • Note: If you connect to the Internet through a non-UCSD ISP, contact your ISP's help desk for information on the news service they provide.

UCSD users can access Internet newsgroups through news.ucsd.edu, the UCSD USENet news server. To use the UCSD news service, you will need to be connected to the Internet through the UCSD network via an on-campus Ethernet connection or the UCSD VPN.

How to subscribe

To access and subscribe to newsgroups, refer to the following guides: