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SSN Task Forces

Task Forces are groups of SSN participants actively working on sustainability projects on campus.

SSN's Task Forces work on hands-on projects to make the UC San Diego campus and community more sustainable. The Task Forces are organized by a lead volunteer who is particulary passionate about the project, and the teams consist of anyone who wants to take an active role in making a difference through SSN. Below are the current Task Forces. Anyone is welcome to join a Task Force or propose a new Task Force. To get involved, email the Task Force leader or come to the next SSN meeting to propose your own idea!

Recycle BinRecycle Bin Upgrade

Leader: Jennifer Stowe

The campus has a goal of Zero Waste by 2020. Student groups have determined there is a lack of recycle bins on campus and properly marked bins. Additionally, many labs on campus do not have any indication of what they can and cannot recycle. This Task Force has two main goals: 1) Create and distribute lab recyling signs for all labs on campus to eliminate recyclable lab items going to landfills. 2) Upgrade the campus recycling bins with more informative and appropriate signs and make sure recycling bins are distributed in high traffic areas.

Team: Ariel, Laura, and Heather


Leader: Chris Johnson

The goal is to create an arboretum of campus -- seven UCs currently have arboretums.The arboretum would include a nursery on campus to grow trees, native plants that would be used to beautify the campus, a food forest, and a large composting area for green waste. 

Phase 1: Raise awareness of this endeavor by tabling at events on campus.

Team: Joyce, Dan, Ariel, and Ali

Green Event BoxGreen Event Box

Leader: Ariel Chang

This Task Force will investigate putting together a box of compostable plates, silverware, napkins, etc. that can be easily purchased from Marketplace for department to use when hosting events. SSN could get money for each box sold. The Task Force will work with the folks at Trade Street to put this together and then departments could purchase on Marketplace.

Team: Ariel, Jen, Gayle, Vanessa Jimenez, and Mark Ortiz

The ZoneThe Zone 2.0

Leader: Mark Ortiz

The Zone is a relaxing green space for students. They hold various classes including cooking and meditation, and they have therapy dogs to help students destress during the school year. The space is also LEED certified! This Task Force would investigate a similar space for staff. Could staff use the Zone space in the summer or could we get our own space? Jerry Phelps was instrumental in creating the Zone and would be a good contact for this group.

Team: Vanessa Jimenez and Dan

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Past Task Force Projects

Cool Campus Challenge 

Leaders: Jennifer Bowser

The Cool Campus Challenge is a competition between the UC campuses to see which campus can reduce their carbon emissions the most from October 6 through December 11. SSN will pay a role in recruiting staff to participate in the challenge by encouraging them to sign up on the app, to pledge carbon reducing actions, and then to upload proof to verify their actions. The goal of this Task Force is to support the campus-wide effort through marketing, communications, volunteering, and holding an event to ultimately increase UCSD participation in the challenge and reduce our overall carbon emissions (and win the competition!).

Team: Email the leaders to join!

Water Bottle Elimination

Leaders: Jennifer Bowser and Iris Magid

The goal of this Task Force is to eliminate single use plastic water bottles on campus. The group will promote hydration stations and possibility sell SSN branded reusable bottles/containers.  

Team: Ariel, Laura, Andrew, and Ali

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