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IdeaWave: Current and Future Campaigns

Read about current and future IdeaWave campaigns.

Want to Run a Campaign?

IdeaWave is an innovation collaboration tool to share and develop ideas to improve the way we work at UC San Diego. Use the power of crowdsourcing to innovatively solve challenges, find solutions, improve processes, and enhance the work experience. Departments are encouraged to contact the Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives department at osi@ucsd.edu for opportunities to launch targeted campaigns in order to leverage the collective genius of UC San Diego to collaborate, innovate, and ultimately create change.

We look forward to seeing your ideas in future IdeaWave campaigns at UC San Diego!

Upcoming Campaigns

The UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence Campaign

(Fall 2017 - Spring 2018)

The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is currently developing a UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence in conjunction with stakeholders from across the entire UC San Diego campus. In the spirit of diversity of ideas and inclusiveness of opinions and thoughts, the use of IdeaWave will help to gain additional perspectives from the campus on our future Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence. This all-campus campaign is planned for launch in Fall 2017 and will be the first in a two-part series to provide feedback and refine our Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence.

Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence

Making UC San Diego Health Your First Choice

(Early 2018)

Co-sponsored by UC San Diego Health and SC-SPOC, this campaign seeks input from the faculty and staff on how to overcome the obstacles and barriers they may face in choosing UC San Diego Health as their healthcare provider. Stay tuned!

UC San Diego Health


Recently Completed Campaign

It Pays to Save Campaign banner

It Pays to Save!

(June -July 2017)

Sponsored by VC-CFO and SC-SPOC, the "It Pays to Save" campaign launched on June 8, 2017. If you have a cost savings idea to further streamline our administration or our programs and save costs, we want to hear it. You can share your idea by logging into IdeaWave using your SSO (single sign-on account) and locate the "It Pays to Save!" campaign in the rotating banner at the top of the screen.

With your help, Saving Total Costs by Efficient Processes (STEP) seeks to identify opportunities in campus processes that can yield demonstrable reductions in total costs to the campus. In particular, we are looking for ideas that will continue to meet service standards while simultaneously saving costs to the entire organization. While not required, you are invited to include any preliminary estimates of expected cost savings and overall impact.