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See a list of contacts for the Office of Research Affairs.

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Name: Role: Phone Number:
Sandra Brown Vice Chancellor for Research
Research Integrity Officer
(858) 534-3526
Miroslav Krstic Associate Vice Chancellor for Research (858) 534-5556
Paul Roben Associate Vice Chancellor, Innovation & Commercialization (858) 246-0473
Laurie Owen Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research (858) 534-3496

Administrative Support

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Patrice Lock Administrative Coordinator (858) 822-3439
Jessica Wholey Executive Assistant to VCR (858) 534-3527
Leticia Egea
Administrative Specialist (858) 534-9467
Karina Soto Administrative Assistant (858) 534-9758
Devon Tolliver Program Support Specialist (858) 822-2529

Animal Care and Animal Welfare

Animal Care Program

Phil Richter
Director, Animal Care Program
(858) 534-3188

Animal Care Program (ACP) is a team of dedicated professionals committed to improving human and animal health, and promoting valuable advances in science. We do this by facilitating and participating in research, teaching, and training, while ensuring humane animal care.

ACP Leadership


Kristen Anderson-Vicino
Director, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
(858) 534-1594

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees the university's animal care and use program and is responsible for reviewing all animal use protocols, ensuring compliance with federal regulations, inspecting animal facilities and laboratories, and overseeing training and educational programs.

IACUC Leadership


Name: Role: Phone Number:
Kim McDonald Director of Strategic Communications (858) 534-7572
Danica Sirmans Communications Specialist (858) 534-0307

Conflict of Interest Office (COI)

Jennifer Ford
(858) 534-3335

COI provides confidential assistance to faculty, staff, non-senate academics, and postdoctoral trainees to assess situations in which financial or other personal considerations may compromise, or have the appearance of compromising, their actions or judgments in the administration, management, teaching, research or performance of any professional activities at UC San Diego.

COI Leadership

Dual Use Research of Concern

Brittany Whiting
Export Control Officer
(858) 534-4175

Dual Use Research of Concern is life sciences research that, based on current understanding, can be reasonably anticipated to provide knowledge, information, products, or technologies that could be directly misapplied to pose a significant threat, with broad potential consequences, to public health and safety, agricultural crops and other plants, animals, the environment, materiel, or national security.

Electronic Research Administration (ERAP)

Jason Defay
(858) 534-3556

ERAP is a campus-wide initiative to implement systems and tools that support improved management by departmental personnel and central offices of the sponsored research lifecycle.

ERRAP Leadership

Export Control

Brittany Whiting
Export Control Officer
(858) 534-4175

Garrett Eaton
Senior Export Analyst
(858) 822-4136

Ryan Jordan
Export Control Analyst
(858) 534-1947

Export Control identifies and manages export risks for national security and foreign policy reasons and provides export licensing in support of the research activities for university faculty, staff and students.

Government Research Relations

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Angela Phillips Diaz  Executive Director

(858) 822-7416 (CA)
(202) 974-6323 (DC)

HR and Financial Management

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Anna Gheissari Business Officer (858) 822-5321
Robert Clark Financial Analyst (858) 822-3456
Stacey McDermaid Human Resources Manager (858) 822-3491
Ingrid Pyper Human Resources Analyst (858) 534-3123
Catherine Schumacher ORU Academic Personnel Analyst (858) 822-1506
Gonzalo Urrutia Senior Admin Analyst (858) 534-6082

Information Technology Services

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Jason DeFay Director, Electronic Research Administration (858) 534-3556
Evan Kerry Manager, Technology Services (858) 822-5480
David Carlos Client Support (858) 534-9499
Bernard Lam Client Support 858) 822-5809
Magda Stec Client Support & System Administration 858) 534-6556

International Affairs

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Michelle Hermas Director, International Affairs (858) 822-4739
Miwako Waga Director, International Outreach (858) 534-0321

Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA)

Linda P. Collins
Assistant Vice Chancellor
(858) 534-3333

OCGA is responsible for the stewardship of sponsored research and research collaborations from government (federal and state), for-profit industry, non-profit, foreign, and University of California sponsors.

OCGA Leadership

ORU Core Services Unit

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Ingrid Pyper Human Resources Analyst (858) 534-3123
Jesse Martel ORU Fund Manager (858) 246-2277
Catherine Schumacher ORU Academic Personnel Analyst (858) 822-1506
Megan Murphy Program/Events Coordinator (858) 822-5297
Megan Ensminger
Administrative Assistant (858) 822-0271

Postdoc and Academic Research Personnel

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Jennifer Oh Director, Academic Research Personnel (858) 534-6632
Mark Lawson Director, Training and Education (858) 534-7644
Merritt Bradford Postdoctoral Scholar Analyst (858) 534-3553
Lisette Reynolds-Slipper Academic Personnel and Visiting Scholar Analyst (858) 822-7510
Ginger Hazen Professional Development Specialist (858) 822-5915

Proposal Development Unit

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Sharon Franks Director, Research Proposal Development Services (General Campus) (858) 822-3452
Emily Bass Director, Research Proposal Development Services (Health Sciences) (858) 246-1451
Shannon Muir Senior Analyst, Strategic Research Opportunities (858) 822-3144
Leticia Egea
Administrative Specialist (858) 534-9467

Research Compliance and Integrity

Angela McMahill
Executive Director, Research Compliance and Integrity
(858) 534-7321

UC San Diego is committed to the highest ethical and legal standards in the conduct of research. The Office of Research Compliance and Integrity (RCI) facilitates research, innovation and education, responsibly for global excellence and is responsible to provide broad oversight, resources and education for the integrity and compliance issues relating to the conduct of research.

RCI Leadership

Research Ethics

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Michael Kalichman Director, Research Ethics Program (858) 822-2027
Rebekah Yohe Ethics Program Coordinator (858) 822-2647

Office of Innovation and Commercialization

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Paul Roben Associate Vice Chancellor (858) 246-0473
Rubén Flores Director of Commercialization (858) 534-7028
William Decker Director of Operations (858) 822-5128

The OIC protects, manages, and licenses UCSD's intellectual property, including inventions in the biomedical, life science and physical sciences sectors, copyright-protected materials such as software and images, and tangible research materials.

Innovation and Commercialization Leadership

Research Administration Training Program

Name: Role: Phone Number:
Nicole Joyce Research Administration Training Program Manager (858) 534-9112
Pamela J. Carrico Tallarida eRAP Training & Communications (858) 534-7353

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