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Donor Recognition and Giving Societies

Because UC San Diego is proud of and grateful to our generous friends, we have established the following recognition societies.

The preeminence of the University of California, San Diego simply would not be possible without a community of forward-looking friends, who support our students and faculty, and the innovative programs, research, healthcare, and countless other initiatives that they drive.

Recognition and giving societies allow us to honor our supporters, celebrate their generosity and convey the impact of their investments in UC San Diego through special events, communications, and opportunities to interact with our students and faculty.

Chancellor's Laureates

Chancellor’s Laureates are extraordinarily generous donors, who have contributed $1 million or more to the university over their lifetimes. These individuals have helped UC San Diego build hospitals and research laboratories, send scientists and graduate fellows to the Arctic, advance our understanding of the brain, and so much more. Our Laureates are deeply philanthropic individuals whose support profoundly impacts UC San Diego’s ability to educate, research, and serve.

University Benefactors

University Benefactors are visionary friends, who have contributed $100,000 or more to the university over their lifetimes. Through their generous and sustained support, they have made important advancements possible in the education of undergraduates, in arts programs that bring community members to campus, in the customization of cancer treatment, and much more.

York Society

Members of the York Society place their ultimate confidence in UC San Diego, entrusting the university to steward their deeply held ideals through a bequest, life income gift, or estate plan. The society is named in honor of the late Herbert York, founding chancellor of UC San Diego and renowned physicist, professor, and ambassador of peace. Learn more...

Additional UC San Diego Donor Recognition Societies

Several department- and program-specific societies also bring people together through shared interests at UC San Diego. These groups include, among others: