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Advisory Committee on Sustainability (ACS)

A variety of UC San Diego faculty, staff and students assist the Advisory Committee on Sustainability as needed based on their areas of expertise.


The Advisory Committee on Sustainability (ACS) provides a forum to bring together the academic program, facility planning and campus operating interests in sustainability. By increasing awareness of our strengths in these areas and identifying areas for further improvement, the campus will continue to define itself as a leader in understanding the earth sciences, while putting into practice the principles of environmental stewardship in its operations. Sustainability can be defined as the ability to meet the needs of the present while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems and without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


The ACS mission is to:

  • Share information about education, research and outreach activities of UC San Diego in the context of environmental stewardship and sustainability and prepare periodic reports to the Chancellor and the university community
  • Recommend and support efforts to improve environmental stewardship and sustainability in UC San Diego facility planning and operations
  • Make sustainability part of ongoing education, research, operations and outreach programs


The Advisory Committee on Sustainability includes representatives from the faculty, staff, and students (both graduate and undergraduate), including leaders of key campus organizations already involved in environment and sustainability activities. The ACS is chaired by the Vice Chancellor of Resource Management and Planning.


Ex Officio

  • Sandra Brown, VC Research
  • Mark Cunningham, Housing & Dining Services
  • Juan Gonzalez, VC Student Affairs
  • William Hodgkiss, AVC Academic Personnel & Research
  • Joel King, Facilities Design & Construction
  • Margaret Leinen, VC Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Chair and Support Staff

  • Chair: Gary Matthews, VC Resource Management & Planning (RM&P)
  • Support: Sara McKinstry, Sustainability (RM&P)
  • Support: Jennifer Bowser, Sustainability (RM&P)


  • Jennifer Burney, Assistant Professor, School of Global Policy & Strategy
  • Teddy Cruz, Professor, Visual Arts
  • Lesly Figueroa, Undergraduate Student (AS AVP Environmental Justice)
  • Viktoria Gisladottir - Graduate Student
  • Hugh Hagues, Staff, University Centers
  • Ken Hall, Staff, Scripps Institution of OceanographyKimberly Hui, Undergraduate Student
  • Shirley Meng, Associate Professor, Nanoengineering
  • Wesley Neeley, Graduate Student
  • Mark Ortiz, Staff, CORE Bio Services
  • Keith Pezzoli, Teaching Professor, Urban Studies & Planning
  • Landon Robbins, Staff, UC San Diego Health System
  • TBD - UC San Diego School of Medicine