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Associated Residential Community Housing Advisory Committee

Read about the Associated Residential Community Housing Advisory Committee and see a list of its members.

Associated Residential Community Housing Advisory Committee

This committee is advisory to the Vice Chancellor - Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Housing, Dining, and Hospitality (HDH). It serves as a resource for current and potential associated residential communities housing UCSD single graduate students and student families including: Coast Apartments, Mesa Residential Apartments, One Miramar Street and Single Graduate Apartments at Warren, as well as a resource for policies that affect graduate level housing in general.

This committee has two primary tasks:

  • to review and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor and Director of HDH on current and prospective policies, levels of service, budgets, rates, for the communities noted above. In that capacity this committee should be involved with and aware of changes to policy during early planning stages to ensure adequate time for input.
  • to review requests for exceptions to policies and procedures that have been previously denied by the respective community housing manager.

The committee is an avenue for appeal by students beyond the management offices. The committee membership will determine an annual set of tasks to accomplish that may be supplemented by issues brought from the represented communities, and any other concerns or changes as the co-chairs become aware throughout the year and as appropriate.

Ex officio


Cunningham, Mark (co-chair) Director, Housing & Hospitality
King, Russell Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives
Otten, Rebecca Assistant Director, ARCH Communities
Vue, Pa Chia Secretary, Housing Administrative Services



Acevedo, Rafael Graduate Coordinator at Large
Ciero, Kim School of Pharmacy Representative
Dieu, Lisa Health Sciences Administration Representative
Goodman, Emily (co-chair) GSA Representative
Higgins, Taneshia Graduate Administration (SIO or OGS)
Hirakis, Sophia GSA Representative
Lorkovic, Rochelle Married/Family Undergraduate Student
Riveria, Michael GSA Representative
Stevenson, Cory GSA Representative
Stephens, Brandon GSA Representative
Slebioda, Shana Graduate Coordinator at Large
Sun, Ruichen GSA Representative
Ward, Marybeth Graduate Coordinator at Large