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Scholarship Opportunity: LSS Green Belt at UC San Diego Extension

Learn about scholarship opportunities for UC San Diego staff to apply Lean Six Sigma process improvement principles in their jobs.


The LSS Green Belt course includes hands-on, instructor-led training at UC San Diego Extension. Classroom training entails one full day of instruction per week over a 5-week period. Green Belt candidates will also complete a process improvement project that results in a minimum of $40K savings for campus and present their project work for evaluation approximately 6 weeks after the last day of instruction. 

For more information, please review the course details. You may also register to attend an in-person information session at UC San Diego Extension (2018 date TBA).

Application Information

Scholarship awardees for FY 17/18 were announced in early September 2017. A big congratulation to our newest batch of Green Belt candidates!

The scholarship application period for FY 18/19 will be announced in early Summer 2018. To apply, you must submit your resume/CV, a personal statement, a process improvement project proposal, and a supervisor endorsement of the project.

The LSS Green Belt course is offered during the fall, winter, and spring quarters. Please note that this scholarship may only be applied to the in-person LSS Green Belt course (the online format is not eligible). Incomplete applications and applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Please email your completed application to osi@ucsd.edu.

Guidelines for Selecting Your LSS Project

The following attributes should be considered when identifying possible Lean Six Sigma Green Belt projects:

  1. Project results in an expected impact of at least $40K savings for UC San Diego
  2. Your project should focus on an existing problem or opportunity that has the greatest potential to improve customer satisfaction or enhance long-term performance
  3. Your project addresses quality and waste issues such as defects, cycle time, over-processing, excess motion/transportation, wait time, variability, etc.
  4. The project falls within your job scope, is both quantifiable and measurable, and can be completed within 12 weeks (3 months)
  5. Sufficient data can be obtained within a reasonable amount of time
  6. Project objectives has been reviewed and endorsed by your supervisor and other critical stakeholders prior to applying for this scholarship
  7. The improved process can be managed by the process owner using the control systems you implement

The following scenarios should be avoided:

  1. Sufficient data to evaluate process performance is not easily attainable
  2. Implementation of already-established solutions such as software systems
  3. Designing a new process, product or service from scratch
  4. Projects that will not make a significant difference to your organization
  5. Projects that do not have measurable goals
  6. Projects that require more than 12 weeks (3 months) to complete

Selection Criteria

The LSS Green Belt program is best suited for staff members who are highly involved in business process activities.  Applicants should have knowledge of basic statistics, project management, and team leadership skills.  Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint is strongly recommended.

Applicants must have at least one year of post-probation service at UC and be career status. Supervisor support is essential to the success of LSS Green Belt candidates. Highest priority will be granted to applicants with:

  • Demonstrated experience and/or education with process improvement methodologies (as indicated in your resume and/or personal statement). For example, previous formal training, being part of the process improvement project team, implementing process improvements at work, reading books, etc.
  • One to five years of experience in business analysis and/or project management
  • One to five years in current job position
  • Administrative Analyst level equivalent or above
  • A viable process improvement project (see “Guideline for Selecting Your LSS Project” section above)
  • Demonstrated supervisor support

If you are awarded a scholarship, be advised that you may be asked to partner with a classmate on the project. By accepting this scholarship, you authorize UC San Diego Extension to release your final project presentation to the Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives for reporting purposes. Candidates will have the opportunity to request confidentiality for sensitive information.

Current Green Belt practitioners may apply scholarship credit towards the cost of the LSS Black Belt course offered by UC San Diego Extension.