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IT Services Goals: 2016-2017

Read about IT Services goals for 2016-2017 and progress toward those goals.


IT Services established a set of organizational goals in the fall of 2016 in collaboration with a group of key campus stakeholders. With members of the UC San Diego IT Executive Governance Committee, IT Services leadership selected and ranked goals and milestones to produce a final list of the five goals for IT Services in 2016-2017. The selected goals align with the UC San Diego's institution-wide goals and support the university's Strategic Plan.

Each goal listed below is supported by specific tasks. Notes on the progress of each task are included. 2016-2017 goals apply to the period between June 2016 and June 2017.

Last update: May 11, 2017

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1. Support student success and instruction


  • Data and analytics governance committee in place, with charter
     – Completed November, 2016
  • Establish an analytics community of practice with academic and operational units engaged
    – Completed January, 2017
  • Cloud based analytics infrastructure in place and key source systems' data integrated
    – Completed 2 of 8 milestones
  • Data quality issues identified and sufficiently resolved
    – Completed 1 of 5 milestones
  • Enhanced time-to-degree analytics available
    – Completed 3 of 4 models and in use (retention, stats per term, real-time scoring, majors-minors)
  • Review and enhance/replace the learning management system (LMS); ensure the LMS platform can handle UCSD growth strategies
    – Completed 3 of 7 milestones
  • Enhance the classroom technology refresh process
    – 63% complete, 19 classrooms targeted
  • Enable research into learning
    – 0 of 2 learning/data analytics available for researchers

2. Plan for the renewal of our enterprise systems


  • Produce a roadmap and high-level timeline for cost-effectively addressing each legacy enterprise system module
    – Roadmap document 20% complete
  • Inventory existing enterprise software completed and share with governance
    – Discovery document 65% complete
  • Document the risk to or impact on downstream business processes and applications in replacing key enterprise system modules
    – Discovery document 40% complete
  • Develop a plan to integrate UC Path solutions appropriately
    – Planning document 10% complete
  • Implement an identity and access management solution in accordance with the renewal strategy and plan
    – IDM architecture roadmap document 30% complete, Academic & Instructional Technology Integration Group (AITAG) is engaged

3. Enhance research services


  • Expand the research facilitation service to aid researchers on campus
    – 3 of 3 facilitators hired
    – 40+ of 30 researchers aided FY
    – 7 of 8 researcher POCs aided FY
    – 3 of 5 proposals aided
  • Upgrade the network infrastructure for cloud business and research services
    – Expand CENIC bandwidth at SDSC (100% complete)
    – Expand CENIC bandwidth to east campus (100% complete)
    – Redesign network core for research (75% complete)
  • Assess the current state of research data management with a plan for addressing gaps
    – 1 of 3 milestones completed
  • Establish a cloud optimization center to help researchers, partnering with SDSC, Health IT, Library and Procurement
    – Phase 1 Pilot not complete
    – Go/No go decision not yet made

4. Improve cybersecurity


  • Get the cybersecurity governance committee in place with Senate representation
    – Completed December, 2016
  • Develop comprehensive cybersecurity plans and gain approval by the Cybersecurity governance committee and both the General Campus and Health Sciences
    – Completed January, 2017
  • Build strong engagement and execute communication strategies with key stakeholder groups.
    – Communication plan complete March, 2017
    – 15 of ~60 stakeholder groups reached
  • Make significant progress on key security technology projects, establish an annual security review process
    – 8 of 16 planned projects completed
    – Annual review plan in place
    – PCI Certification achieved
  • Fill the CISO position
    – Completed January, 2017
  • Establish a security certification process for equipment connected to the UCSD network
    – 10% complete
  • Establish and communicate a security model to support cloud hosting
    – Under review

5. Improve cost-effectiveness and find synergy


  • Improve desktop support efficiency while maintaining effectiveness
    – IT Services Desktop support roadmap: 50% complete
    – IT Services Desktop support improvement: 0 of TBD milestones complete (pending roadmap)
  • Redirect on-premise infrastructure purchases into cloud infrastructure
    – 6 of ~<80 software packages redirected (advising tracking, CRM, email, research information, real estate)
  • Implement the project portfolio and time tracking system to enable project and maintenance activity efficiency and to provide data for IT governance
    – 4 of 5 planned changes in ITS Pro complete
    – 29% of ITS projects in ITS Pro (to be 100% by April 1)
    – 85% of target IT Services staff trained and using ITS Pro
  • Improve the analytic infrastructure to help academic and business units across campus with decision-making and resource allocations
    – Data visualization infrastructure in place. Completed February, 2017
    – 8 of 18 milestones copleted on data warehouse enhancements

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