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Thank you for attending Camp IPPS!

Click the class name below to access the presentation that was given during Camp IPPS (PDF format). Class descriptions are below. 

Tracks 11:00AM - 11:45AM 12:30PM - 1:15PM 1:30PM - 2:15PM 2:30PM - 3:15PM
Camp Travel: Encouraging Curiosity Campfire Tales and Tips of Travel Card Locate Your Cabin with Connexxus Travel Guide with the MyTravel Experts Navigating PrePayments with Your MyTravel Compass
Camp Buying: Providing Excellence A Backcountry Way into Buying Goods and Services Relay Race the Ins and Outs of Contracting Ropes Course to Help You, Help Small Businesses Zip Line Your Way to High Dollar Purchases!
Camp Technology: Connecting Processes Backpacking to Discover MyEvents BUMT Trailhead - What's Here and What's Coming Camp Orientation for Marketplace Approvers Setting Sail with MyPayments Innovations
Camp Technology: Connecting Processes Fishing for Tips and Tricks in Lake Marketplace Kayaking through BFSupport Psst! S'more Info on Re:Events
Camp Paying: Innovative Solutions Explore the Summit of Human Subject Compensation Hike through Electronic Invoicing and Payments Ranger's Guide to Express Card Transaction Mgmt Spelunking in the Cave of Tax Topics
Camp Logistics: Building Trust Explore the Wildlife of Package and Mail Delivery Moving Mountains? How IPPS Moves You Backpacking the Trails of Deliveries and Pickups
Camp Logistics: Building Trust Rafting through the Surplus River Survival Skills: Dangerous Goods and Export Safety Meet the Backpackers of Outbound Shipping!

Camp Travel: Encouraging Curiosity

Camp Buying: Providing Excellence

Camp Technology: Connecting Processes

Camp Paying: Innovative Solutions

Camp Logistics: Building Trust