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Business & Financial Services has created a new tool – BFSupport – which is designed to offer campus one centralized place to report issues, ask questions, and request services.

To use BFSupport log in at http://bfsupport.ucsd.edu 

What is BFSupport:

  • BFSupport is a business tool available for campus to report an issue, ask a question, or request a service from Business & Financial Services (BFS)
  • Quickly submit a case without guessing which division to contact
  • Track the status of your issue and receive regular and timely updates
  • Case history for every inquiry is tracked and available for reference
  • Leave detailed feedback regarding each transaction
    • See how your feedback is reviewed

 Who is behind BFSupport:

  • Before BFSupport, each division within Business & Financial Services handled customer service activities disparately. Interactions were handled through email and phone with no way to track the process or resolution. This created a complicated web of contacts, and made it difficult to decide where to send inquiries.
  • BFSupport is a centralized place to submit inquiries. Based on criteria, the tool determines which team to send your case to within BFS. BFSupport agents are the same employees that you have worked with in the past.

BFS divisions now available through BFSupport 

  • Business Contracts
  • Disbursements
  • General Accounting
  • Procurement (including Marketplace)
  • Travel
  • Central Cashier’s Office
  • Mail Services
  • Office of Post Award Financial Services (OPAFS)
  • Material Support Services (MSS)
    •  Receiving & Distribution
    •  Moving Services
    •  Surplus
    •  STORE
    •  Self-Storage
    •  Surplus Sales

As of March 11, 2014 the following BFS email boxes were added to BFSupport:

General Accounting:

  • CAMShelp@ucsd.edu
  • Stu-aff@ucsd.edu
  • BalanceSheetActs@ucsd.edu


  • directdp@ucsd.edu
  • wiresdrafts@ucsd.edu

Mail Services:

  • messenger@ucsd.edu
  • passports@ucsd.edu
  • maildeskship@ucsd.edu
  • FedEx-bills@ucsd.edu

Material Support Services:

  • mss-receiving@ucsd.edu
  • surplus@ucsd.edu
  • mss-moving@ucsd.edu
  • storehouseorders@ucsd.edu

Project Team

Jenn Glassman
Project Manager
Kevin Meston
Project Analyst / Administrator
Martin Krolik
Project Developer
Ted Johnson
Project Sponsor
Debbie Rico
Project Champion