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Sexual Assault Intervention Guarantee

Read the UCSD Police Department's guarantee for victims of sexual assault.

If you have been sexually assaulted, you have the right to report the assault to the UCSD Police Department. To encourage assault reporting, the Police Department offers the following guarantee:

WE WILL meet with you privately, or you may choose to be accompanied by a friend.

WE WILL, upon request, have a female officer, if available, conduct the initial interview.

WE WILL take your assault seriously and fully investigate the matter for you regardless of the gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or religion of those parties involved.

WE WILL not prejudge you or your actions. Assault victims are not responsible for the criminal actions of others.

WE WILL treat you and your case with courtesy, dignity, sensitivity, and understanding.

WE WILL assist you in arranging for your medical needs.

WE WILL provide you with counseling referral information.

WE WILL, upon request, not release your name to the public or to the press.

WE WILL discuss and explain the criminal justice process. You will be kept informed of the progress of the investigation.

WE WILL continue to be available to answer your questions and to assist you as the process of the investigation or prosecution proceeds.

If you believe you are a sexual assault victim, call the UCSD Police Department at (858) 534-HELP(4357), and inform us that you want to make a sexual assault complaint.

You, as part of the University community, can assist in reducing crime by supporting your police department in its efforts to apprehend criminals and by using preventive measures to reduce the opportunity for criminal acts. We urge you to both report crimes and practice measures to reduce crime. We all share the responsibility for making UCSD a safe and secure campus.