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Federal Government Reopens

Sponsored research updates and guidance will be added below as we receive them from federal departments and UCOP.

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Dear CDC Grantee:

Due to the enactment of a continuing resolution, federal government operations have resumed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Procurement and Grants Office Grants Management Specialists (GMS) are available to assist with any grant or financial assistance needs. As always, if you have any questions, urgent needs, or need immediate assistance with your CDC grant, please do not hesitate to contact your supporting GMS. 

Thank you for your understanding and assistance during the government shut-down and your ongoing support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Terrance Perry
Acting Chief Grants Management Officer

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Dear FDA Grantee:

As you are aware, FDA appropriations expired on September 30, 2013 and since October 1, 2013, there were no annual appropriations for Federal Agencies, including FDA.  A continuing resolution has been signed effective 16 October 2013 and FY 14 appropriations are now available.

As a result of the lapse of appropriations, letters were issued to all grantees which directed them to continue work, partially stop work, or completely stop work.  This letter hereby rescinds any stop work direction that may have been received.

If you should have any questions, please contact your assigned grants management specialist.


Kimberly Pendleton Chew
CGMO/Branch Chief

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Thursday, October 31:

This Notice provides additional clarification to the guidance on resumption of NIH extramural activities following the recent lapse in appropriations.

  • All standard due dates in October have been rescheduled for November. The R21/R33 activity code was inadvertently missed in prior guidance. New R21/R33 applications originally due on October 16, 2013 are now due on November 18, 2013.
  • The statement 'Make the refreshed application a "new", "resubmission" or "renewal" to match the withdrawn application.' should have also included "revision".
  • Applicants should designate 'Changed/Corrected Application' as the Type of Submission on the SF424 R&R cover form of their refreshed applications.

NIH will continue to expand its FAQs and web page to consolidate information as additional questions from applicants are encountered.

Friday, October 25:

NIH: Revised Guidance on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities Following the Recent Lapse in Appropriations

NOT-OD-14-006 - Updated Timeline for Late Resubmission (-A1) Applications to PA-11-197 "NIH Pathway to Independence Award (Parent K99/R00)".The NIH will accept late resubmission (-A1) applications from applicants who are no longer eligible to apply for the March 12, 2014 due date, i.e. currently eligible applicants with more than 4 (but less than 5) years of postdoctoral experience. Late -A1 applications will be due no later than January 13, 2014 by 5:00 P.M. local time of the applicant organization. This late resubmission due date is available only to individuals whose eligibility ends prior to the March 12, 2014 due date. Resubmission applications submitted for the March 12, 2014 due date and beyond must conform to the new eligibility criteria outlined in NOT-OD-13-050.

NOT-OD-14-012 - NIH Operates Under a Continuing Resolution. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), including NIH, operates under the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014 (H. R. 2775/Public Law 113-46) signed by President Obama on October 16, 2013.  This Act (CR) continues government operations through January 15, 2014 at the FY 2013 post-sequestration level. The NIH will issue non-competing research grant awards at a level below that indicated on the most recent Notice of Award (generally up to 90% of the previously committed level). All legislative mandates that were in effect in FY 2013 (see NOT-OD-12-034 and NOT-OD-13-064 ) remain in effect under the CR including the salary limitation set at Executive Level II of the Federal Pay Scale ($179,700).

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Friday, October 25, 2013

From NSF: Post-shutdown recommendations

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