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Proposal Development Process


Find links to specific information to be included in proposals.

  • Timely Submission of Proposals requires that both department and central office staff are provided sufficient time to complete their responsibilities to ensure that the proposal meets all sponsor and University requirements.   OCGA requests that proposals be submitted to the expert grant or contract officer in a timely manner.
  • Proposal Reports & Legacy Queries - Find more information about approved reports developed by the Electronic Research Administration Program (ERAP) and existing legacy QueryLink queries.
  • UCSD Institutional Codes and Information (often referred to as “Vital Information”) are codes common to most UCSD grant proposal applications and used on numerous OCGA proposal submittal forms such as Institutional Legal Name, DUNS numbers,  taxpayer identification, sponsor identification codes, and more.
  • Outgoing Subawards and Subrecipients - Find information and links about outgoing subawards.
  • Gifts vs. Grants - Find out how to determine if an award should be considered a gift or a grant.