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Award Data for Departments Query Overview


Find out about the Award Data for Departments queries.

Queries are a result of the COEUS project, a campus core relational database that links proposal and award information to the campus legacy financial systems.

The Award Data for Departments queries let you retrieve sponsored project award information for your department, organization, or fund based on criteria such as the research person (PI or Co-Pi), budget/ project dates and amounts, or award status.

There are 2 award data queries

  1. The Award Data for Departments-Detail query provides information by the full UCSD award number. Use this query to find detailed information on any any award for a particular department, PI, or fund.
  2. The Award Data for Departments-Summary query provides information by the base UCSD award number. Use this query to find a high-level summary of information on the entire award for a particular department or PI.

Note: You must have access to mainframe IFIS or Darwin accounts to use either of these queries.

Examples of information you can find with these queries

Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/awardquery