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Taxes: How to Get a UCSD W-2 Statement

W-2s are available online to all UCSD employees  for years 2005–2013. Former employees can access W-2s online for three years after date of separation. W-2s for years prior to 2005 are available via paper copy only.

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How to view and print W-2s through At Your Service Online (AYSO)

All employees can access their W-2 online, whether they chose online delivery through At Your Service Online (AYSO) or not.  Current employees can access their W-2s for years 2005 - 2013 through AYSO.  Former employees can access the W-2s only for years 2011, 2012, and 2013, but can order W-2s for years prior to 2011 by following the instructions in the "How to request a paper copy of a W-2" section below.

  • Sign in to At Your Service Online (AYSO).
    • Via Single Sign-On (current employees with business systems access only - see instructions)
    • Via AYSO password (any current or former employee)
      • Current users:  Enter your AYSO username and password.  If you've forgotten them, click "Forgot your Username or Password?
      • Former employees:  you will need to reset your username and password in order to access your W-2 online.  See "Need Help?" below.
      • Need help?  If you need help resetting your username or password, or if you are no longer employed at UCSD, email payrollquestions@ucsd.edu with the subject line "AYSO reset."  Include your first name, last name, phone number, and employee ID number (if you have it).
  • Click W-2 under the green Income & Taxes heading
  • Click on the year you want to view.
  • Print the page.

How 2013 Forms W-2 were distributed

  • If you chose online delivery of your W-2 on or before January 12, 2014, UCSD emailed you on 1/21/14 to notify you that your 2013 W-2 is available online through At Your Service Online (AYSO).  You will not get a paper W-2 through the mail.
  • If you did not choose online delivery of your W-2, a paper W-2 was mailed to you on January 21, 2014 at the address in the payroll system as of January 12, 2014.  Your W-2 is also available online through At Your Service Online (AYSO). 
  • All employees can view and print their 2013 W-2 online through AYSO.

How to request a paper copy of a W-2

Request a paper copy of your W-2 statement for any year by submitting the Employee's Request Form - Duplicate W-2  (PDF).   The W-2 will be mailed to you.  We cannot fax or email W-2s.  Note that the W-2 printed from At Your Service Online (AYSO) is identical to the one we will mail you.  You may use a W-2 you print through AYSO when you file your tax return.

  • Select how you'd like to receive the duplicate W-2 statement by checking "Payroll Pick-up" or "U.S. Mail." 
    • U.S. mail:  W-2 statements will be mailed to the address indicated on the Duplicate W-2 Employee Request form.
    • Payroll Pick-Up - available 8 - 4:30, Monday through Friday:
      • Torrey Pines Center South, Suite 305
        10280 N. Torrey Pines Road
        La Jolla, CA 92037
      • Bring photo identification
      • Metered parking is available in the parking lot in front of the building.
      • The campus loop shuttle stops at Torrey Pines Center South
  • Submit the completed "Employee's Request Form - Duplicate W-2" to payroll via fax or mail:
    • By fax:
      (858) 534-7423
    • By mail:
      UCSD Payroll Division
      9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0952
      La Jolla, CA 92093-0952

2014 W-2s will be available on or after January 31, 2015.

2014 Forms W-2 will be distributed on or before January 31, 2015.

  • Those who chose online delivery through At Your Service Online (AYSO)  before 12/31/14 will get an email from UCSD announcing the availability of the 2014 W-2 through AYSO.
  • W-2s will be mailed on or before 1/31/15 to the address in the UCSD Payroll system as of 12/31/14.

To choose online delivery of the W-2 through AYSO:  see How to Elect or View an Online W-2 Statement.

Current employees can change their address in the UCSD Payroll System through AYSO:  see At Your Service:  How to Update Your Contact Information

Former employees can change their address in the UCSD Payroll System by contacting their former department.

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