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How to Determine Eligibility for Benefits

Learn how to determine employee eligibility for benefits and how to enter the information in PPS.

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1. Determine the employee's BELI (Benefits Eligibility Level Indicator) code.

  • Look at the employee's appointment and duration and determine the BELI code by using the table below:
Code Appointment Eligible for
BELI 1 12 months, 50% or more Full benefits:
BELI 2 12 months, 50% or more (Visiting professors) Mid-level benefits:
BELI 3 3 months, 100% Mid-level benefits:
BELI 4 43.75% or more, but doesn't meet the percentage and duration requirements of BELI 1,2, or 3 Core benefits:
BELI 5 Less than 43.75% No benefits

2. Update the Payroll/ Personnel System (PPS).

  • In the EPER screen, enter the appropriate BELI code (from step 1) in the Assigned BELI field.
PPS EPER screen

3. Inform the employee of PIE, enrollment deadline, and benefits options.

  • Inform the employee of the Period of the 31-day Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE). The PIE starts on the first day of eligibility (for example, the day an employee is hired into a position that makes the employee eligible for medical coverage).
  • Give the employee information about UCSD's benefits orientation.
  • Refer the employee to How to Enroll for Benefits.

Note: Employees must enroll themselves and family members within their PIE, 31 days from their date of eligibility for benefits.

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