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SOFI Contacts

Find the right contact for your Simplified Operating Funds Initiative (SOFI) questions.

Core Team

Traci Carpenter, Project Manager, OSI
Deanna Richardson, Principal Budget Analyst, Chancellor’s Office
Ashley Gambhir, Director, Continuous Improvement

Executive Sponsor

Pierre Ouillet, VC-CFO

Steering Committee

Sylvia Lepe, AVC Campus Budget Office
Kit Pogliano, Chair Standing Committee on Service and People Oriented Culture, Professor Department of Biology
Debbie Rico, Assoc. Controller
Cheryl Ross, AVC Controller
Steve Ross, AVC Academic Affairs Resource Management

Work Group

Karen Andrews, Management Services Officer, Physics
Greg Buchanan, Manager, Audit Management and Advisory Services
Isabella Bryant-Parkinson, Project Manager, Health Sciences Research Service Core
Adam Diprofio, Director Finance and Budget, Academic Affairs
Jacob Guss, Budget & Analysis, School of Medicine
Darryl James, Director, Financial Analysis Office
Shanley Miller, Management Services Officer, Sociology
Mercedes Munoz, Executive Director, Financial Management, Chancellor’s Office
Laura Osante, Director, Controller’s Office
Susie Pike Humphrey, Director, VC Marine Sciences Business Office
Paul Rodriguez, Associate Director, Payroll
Steve St. Marie, Principal Accountant, General Accounting
Bill Sweetman, Director, Information Systems

VC Coordination Contacts

EVCAA – Adam Diprofio
VCEDI – Arwen Jamison
VCRA – Anna Gheissari
VCSA – Jason Jennings
VCHS – Agnes Shin
VCHS – Jake Guss
VCMS – Minerva Nelson
VCA – Moon Pan
VCRMP – Kristen Fernandez
VCCFO – Caitlin Chu
Chancellor – Jocelyn Pacheco