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Policies and Guidelines


  • The Enrollment handbook (PDF) is prepared by the Office of the President for use by incoming members of the Academic Council. It may be useful to others interested in UC enrollment issues.Its purpose is to help explain the vocabulary, concept and history underlying the UC enrollment process from planning through admissions.

Student Fees

Academic Periodicals

  • Academic Impressions: Digest of higher education news. Users may sign up for a daily or weekly news email summary.
  • NACUBO Business Officers Magazine: Monthly magazine from National Association of College and University Business Officers that addresses current challenges and emerging trends in higher education business administration. Presents experiences of business officers, and practical tools that for enhancing the management of higher education institutions.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education: A daily or weekly digest of higher education news. Billed as "the No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators".

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