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TritonEd: What's New

See what's new in TritonEd and learn about new integrations.


Learn about the newest changes and updates in TritonEd, and check out newly integrated tools for instruction.

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Box In-Line Grading

TritonEd's inline grading tool for Assignments is now powered by Box. New Box View has replaced the Crocodoc inilne grading feature in your courses, with the same general workflows and interface elements. This includes slight differences in the interface, including several improvements and expanded support for new file types.

Changes and updates include:

  • More compatible file types including DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, PNG, and MP4
  • Point-based comments and highlighting (single color)
  • Download/print without annotations
    Note: Previous comments using Crocodoc in FA17 or earlier are embedded in the paper and will appear as red tags on printed assignments. Use Adobe's Comments and Markups settings to print.


Learn more about transitioning from Crocodoc to Box.

Help Tabs

TritonEd now has an Instructor Help and a Student Help tab in the upper right. Log into tritoned.ucsd.edu, and depending on your course role, you will be able to see Tips and Resources available to you by clicking on the corresponding tab.



UC San Diego has now acquired a site license for Gradescope, an online grading platform for paper-based, handwritten assignments and exams. Gradescope streamlines grading and provides statistics to better understand how students are learning. If you already have an existing @ucsd.edu account with Gradescope, your account has automatically been transitioned to the licensed version.

Getting Started:gradescope.png

  1. Create an instructor account at gradescope.com using your @ucsd.edu email address.
    (Do not use a department email address, such as @eng.ucsd.edu)
  2. Create a Gradescope course.
  3. Create a Gradescope assignment.
  4. Add students.

Note: TritonEd integration will be implemented in the next phase.

Mobile App Offline Viewing

bbpencilBlackboard App for Students now has offline viewing capability. Learn more about the offline content feature.

New users can download the app onto any iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device. Search "Blackboard App" and enter the institution TritonEd - UC San Diego.


Qwickly Multi-Course Tool

qwickly.pngQwickly is a tool that allows instructors to make courses available, post announcements and send emails to multiple courses at once. Starting March 2018, instructors will be able to use the Qwickly tool from the TritonEd dashboard.

See how to use the Qwickly tool to:

  1. Make your courses available
  2. Post an announcement to multiple courses
  3. Send an email to multiple courses

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