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TritonEd Upgrade

Learn about TritonEd's new look.

TritonEd Makeover

TritonEd received a makeover on September 13, 2017.

Starting September 14, users will notice an enhanced mobile experience that will incoporate UC San Diego's Triton pride.

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New header

TritonEd will have a new header. Log in to see the UC San Diego logo in the top left and triton spears across the top. Also, keep an eye out for a link to our future TritonEd support site to appear at the top right.


Enhanced mobile experience

For students and instructors on the go, TritonEd is now enhanced for optimal mobile experience. TritonEd will respond and adjust to the user’s screen size whether accessing from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

tritoned mobile

The TritonEd dashboard has also been adjusted to display the My Courses block first when logging in on a mobile device.

TritonEd features that have received an improved mobile experience include:

  • Content Areas
  • Tests
  • Tabs and Modules
  • Discussion Board
  • Course Menu


When creating an announcement, the Not Date Restricted duration is now selected by default, ensuring the announcement is displayed indefinitely. To limit when the announcement is displayed and hidden, use the Date Restricted option.

Tip: Click Send a copy of this announcement immediately to ensure every student receives an immediate copy of the announcement in their email.

tritoned annoucement

Removal of 'Total Column'

The Total Column has now been removed from the Full Grade Center to ensure students are seeing their accurate grades.

The Weighted Total Column is now the default external grade, and will not calculate a grade until it is configured.

See how to add a total column to add the calculated column back to your Full Grade Center.


Unavailable course themes

TritonEd sites will now have a color palette that is consistent with UC San Diego branding and compliant with accessible design standards. Course themes and color palettes such as "Coral” and “Flame” are no longer supported.

To personalize your course site, see how to add a course banner.


Drag and drop files

When creating assignments, items or files, users with course editing permissions will now be able to drag and drop a file directly onto to the "Browse My Computer" hot-spot button to attach it.



google logo

HTML5 audio and video playback is now supported in Google Chrome, replacing the need for Adobe Flash and Shockwave players.

Syllabus Menu Item

Instructors will now see a Syllabus content area at the top of the course menu, where they can upload their course's guideline. The Syllabus link will make it easier for students to quickly find their course information. To edit and add course menu links, see How to Modify the Course Menu.


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