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TritonEd: Make Course Available

Learn how to make your TritonEd course available to students using Qwickly.

As of March 2017, all standard UC San Diego courses will automatically have a TritonEd site at the start of each quarter. Instructors will be notified via email. By default, all TritonEd sites are hidden from students until the instructor has made the site available, and students are not added to their courses until the Thursday before classes begin. For computing and software resources outside of TritonEd, go to CINFO.

Qwickly is a tool that allows instructors to make courses available from the TritonEd dashboard. Follow the steps below to make your courses available using Qwickly.

  1. Log into Tritoned.ucsd.edu.
  2. Locate the Qwickly module.
  3. Click Course Availability to expand the course list.
    Note: The course availability link will only appear if you have courses that are hidden.
  4. Click Make Available next to each course name to make the course available to students.

To change the availability settings for courses individually:

  1. Under My Courses, click the course name.
  2. Customization > Properties.
  3. Make Course Available > Yes.
  4. Submit.