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Reappointment to a Department-Based Endowed Chair Without Committee Review

Read the description below to see how a candidate can be reappointed to an department-based endowed chair or professorship without a review by committee.

Note: Officially, reappointments to an endowed chair must be reviewed by a department review committee. However, an exception may be made if the chairholder's scholarly record continues to be highly distinguished, meritorious, and in harmony with the stated terms, goals and purpose of the endowed chair, and if the reappointment is in the best interests of the division or school.

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1. Department chair

  • Submits a letter of justification for reappointment addressed to the dean
  • Attaches the candidate’s current CV
  • Submits the packet to dean

2. Dean

  • Reviews the packet
  • If in agreement, endorses the request
  • Forwards the packet to Academic Personnel Office

3. Academic Personnel Office (APO)

  • Prepares the nomination packet for submission to the Senate Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP)
  • Includes the candidate’s most recent academic advancement file
  • Ensures the following items are included with the packet:
    • Approved presidential item
    • Approval of Committee on Education Policy (CEP) or Graduate Council
  • Forwards file to CAP

4. CAP

  • Reviews the nomination packet and academic file
  • Decides whether to act as its own ad hoc or select an ad hoc committee from a campus-wide membership
  • Renders a recommendation

5. APO / Senior Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs (SVCAA)

  • If favorable, APO prepares and sends the chancellor's letter reappointing the candidate to the chair
  • If unfavorable, the SVCAA sends a letter to the department chair with copies to all reviewers

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Notice: This is a summary of campus business services. In case of conflict in interpretation, the actual policies apply.