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Appointment to an Administrative Endowed Chair (School of Medicine)

Read the description below to see how a candidate is appointed to an administrative endowed chair at the School of Medicine (SOM).

Note: an administrative endowed chair is always attached to a particular administrative position. The candidate must be appointed to the position before being considered for the chair.

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1. Academic Personnel Services (APS)

  • Prepares the chancellor's letter appointing the candidate to the chair
  • Sends the letter to the candidate, with copies to the:
    • Executive Vice Chancellor – Academic Affairs (EVCAA)
    • Vice chancellor – Health Sciences
    • Senate Committee on Academic Personnel
    • Dean
    • Department chair (if applicable)
    • SOM Development Office
    • Donor Stewardship Office

2. Associate dean

  • Prepares a second letter to the candidate, with the following information:
    • Endowment details
    • Projected annual payout
    • Allowable expenditures
    • Reporting requirements
    • Term of the chair
  • Sends the letter to the candidate within a few days of the chancellor's letter
  • Sends a copy of the letter to APS

3. APS

  • Sends an e-mail communicating the candidate's response to:
    • EVCAA
    • CAP
    • Associate dean
    • Department chair (if applicable)
    • Donor Stewardship Office

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