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How to Display Your Parking Permit

Find out how to properly display your parking permit.

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Follow the instructions on your permit.

Follow the instructions printed on both sides of your permit and:

  • Make sure the entire permit face is visible.
  • Place the permit only on the rearview mirror or the driver-side dash.

Make sure your permit is valid.

  • Annual permits expire June 30 of the current academic year.
  • Short-term permits expire on various dates. Make sure the date of use on your permit is current. If your permit requires specific dates of use:
    • Clearly mark an X on the date of use.
    • Use black ink only.
    • Never erase or alter a mark.
    • Renew a predated permit before it expires.

Get a replacement if you forget your permit.

  • Get a complimentary day permit from the parking office (hours, map) if you’ve forgotten your annual permit.
  • You must purchase a new permit if you forgot your short-term permit.

Car cover users

Display your permit visibly. To avoid possible damage to your vehicle, a parking officer will not look under the car cover for your parking permit.

  • Lock your permit so it hangs visibly onto the driver side of the car cover. (The parking office will laminate your permit on request and provide a cable, if available, for annual permit holders.)
  • If you plan to display your permit on the rearview mirror or the driver-side dash, it must be visible to the officer without having to lift or remove the car cover.


Permits must be immediately visible to compliance officers.

  • Annual permits come in sticker form. Apply to a conspicuous spot on the vehicle.
  • Short-term permits will be laminated and hole-punched by the parking office, in order to hang from a cable. The parking office can provide a cable when one is available; secure it to your vehicle with your own lock. Position the permit so it’s easy to spot.

Never display a permit that is counterfeit, altered, or has been reported missing.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Laminating your permit: Only permits laminated by the parking office are valid.
  • Erasures on self-dated permits: If you date your permit incorrectly, have it corrected at the parking office before you park.
  • Dating your permit with any type of removable adhesive
  • Changing any preprinted information on the permit
  • Reproducing your permit
  • Displaying someone else’s permit, or a permit that’s been reported as missing

Note: If you find a permit that you had reported missing, it is no longer valid and should be returned to the parking office.

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