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About MapLink

Find out how to use UCSD's MapLink to navigate around campus.

Getting to MapLink

MapLink thumbnail from Blink Homepage

Navigating MapLink

Go directly to MapLink.

MapLink 2

  1. Places: Select and search for new map locations.
  2. Marked: Access locations you have already marked.
  3. Location drop-down: Select UCSD's main campus (and neighborhoods within), Scripps Institution of Oceanography, or Medical Center in Hillcrest.
  4. Browse by Category: Click the main categories to see markers for each sub category.
  5. Traffic: Select the traffic button to toggle traffic information on or off.
  6. Controls: Move the map view, zoom in/ out, or click and drag within the map.
  7. Bike Routes: Select this button to toggle bike route information on or off.
  8. Link to Map: Click this button to create a URL (link)  to the marker you've selected.
  9. Pop-up windows show detailed information when you click a map marker.
  10. Reset the map to clear all selections and markers.
  11. Print a print-friendly version of the map.
  12. Send your comments or request map corrections to ACT's Maplink team.
  13. Switch between the default map view and satellite photo view.