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How to Participate in the Transit/ Coaster Club

Find out the incentives of the Transit/ Coaster Club and learn how to participate.

Note: Over-the-counter purchases of Coaster passes by eligible members will be at rates normally reserved for payroll deductions (see “What does it cost?” below) until further notice.

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Who is eligible?

Faculty, staff, and students who live off-campus and don't hold an annual, quarterly, or monthly parking permit can participate by purchasing a monthly pass for the bus, trolley, or Coaster.

Note: Extension students are not eligible.

What are the incentives?

  • Enjoy discount transit passes: UCSD partially subsidizes the cost of monthly passes for faculty, staff, and students (except Extension students).
  • Park free when necessary: A complimentary Occasional Use permit allows 10 days of parking per quarter.
  • Emergency rides home: Register in advance for Guaranteed Ride Home, a SANDAG program that provides rides in case of illness, unscheduled overtime, or family emergencies. Registered users, dial 511 when you need a ride.
  • Drive shared vehicles with Zipcar (when you meet eligibility requirements).

Incentives have been extended through summer 2014. Read below for guidelines or contact Commute Solutions with questions.

What does it cost?

Transit/ Coaster Club registration is free. Eligible members are responsible for paying these discounted fees, which are subject to change:

  • MTS regional monthly pass (unlimited bus and trolley travel, excluding Premium Express and rural routes)
    • Faculty and staff (with payroll deduction): $44
    • Senior/ Disabled/ Medicare monthly pass*: Free
  • MTS regional monthly pass, with premium express: $70
  • Coaster monthly passes:
    • 2 zones: $111 (full price, $150)
    • 3 zones: $127 (full price, $165)
    • Senior/ Disabled: $23.50 (full price, $41.25) All zones*

*Must present proof of status to receive this pass. Must be 60 or older to qualify for senior rate.

How do I participate?

  • Faculty and staff register with the Transit/ Coaster Club at either the campus or Hillcrest parking office at the time you buy your pass. Students register at the campus parking office only, and must pay cash or check. Bring:
    • Valid UCSD ID
    • Method of payment
      • Sign up for pretax payroll deduction. Submit a Transit Pass Payroll Authorization/Cancellation Form by the 15th of the month. Two monthly pass payments  are required in advance prior to start of payroll deduction.
      • If unable to use payroll deduction, bring cash or check by the 15th of the month before you intend to use your pass.
    • Vehicle registration (for up to 3 vehicles): Bring to the parking office to pick up your first Occasional Use permit. Vehicles must be registered to you or a family member at a single address. (Undergraduates must do so within the first 6 weeks of the quarter.)
  • At signup, you’ll receive:
    • Your UC San Diego Compass Card, which replaces paper passes.
    • An Occasional Use parking permit (ID and vehicle registration required). Subsequent permits will be sent to your mail code or, if none exists, held at the parking office for pickup. (Undergraduates must pick up their permit within the first 6 weeks of the quarter.)
  • Subsequently, keep the following in mind:
    • Your Compass Card renews automatically and confirms your fare when you tap it on the fare validator.
    • Tap at least once by the 14th of the usage month.
    • Cash transactions must be completed by the 15th of the preceding month. (Appointments are available.)
    • Report any problems immediately to Commute Solutions, (858) 534-7433.
    • Report changes, cancellations and lost or stolen Compass Cards immediately (see below).

How do I change or cancel my transit pass?

  • To change or cancel the automatic payroll deduction, submit a new authorization form by the 15th of the month before the change is to be effective to ensure adequate time to cancel payroll deductions.
  • To change the vehicle(s) associated with your Occasional Use permit, bring your vehicle registration to the campus or Hillcrest parking office.
  • Temporary suspensions require both a cancellation and a new request, submitted by the 15th of the month when changes should be effective.
  • There are no refunds on Compass Cards. Lost or damaged cards incur a $15 replacement fee.

For all other changes, contact Commute Solutions, (858) 534-7433.

What do I need to know about my Occasional Use permit?

Occasional Use permits issued by Commute Solutions:

  • Are used in the same way as those purchased from the parking office. Review How to Display Your Parking Permit.
  • Are nontransferable. Only the member who is issued the permit can use it. The permit cannot be shared, sold, or given away.
  • Are valid in designated spaces. For accepted spaces, read Where and When to Park.
  • Allow parking for the vehicle(s) officially documented on the permit only. To add a vehicle, bring your registration to Commute Solutions.
  • Expire at the end of each quarter with no carryover of unused parking

Note: Violation of these policies may result in:

  • Parking citations
  • 6-month suspension from the Transit/ Coaster Club
  • Ineligibility to participate in any Commute Solutions program for up to 6 months

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