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3D Printing

Making Your Ideas a Reality

Imprints brings 3D printing service to campus. We partner with established, talented, off-campus providers who can quickly produce prototypes for your engineered projects, concepts, and artistic creations, including functional movement. ABS plastic colors include ivory, dark gray, black, and white. Other colors are available for an additional charge.

The most affordable industrial-grade 3D printing uses ABS plastic in a Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) process. Models can be sanded, drilled, glued, and assembled for functional movement. Metal and large production runs are also available.

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How It Works

Imprints coordinates the offsite printing process from file submission to product delivery:

  • You submit CAD files on USB drive or disc. (Model must be one watertight shell with .040” (1.016 mm) minimum wall thickness.)
  • We convert your CAD files to .SLT format in the preflight process and recommend necessary design modifications, which we can make for an additional fee.
  • We provide an estimate based on your final design.
  • We coordinate 3D printing services with the vendor. Delivery time depends on design complexity.

Note: 3D printing is available at Imprints Price Center location only.