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BFS Conference Rooms at Torrey Pines Center South

Learn how to reserve the BFS conference rooms at TPC/S.

Business & Financial Services has two rooms in Torrey Pines Center South that you can reserve:

  • BFS Conference Room 300A
  • BFS Conference Room 430A

Conditions of Reservations

  • If you are booking this meeting for someone else, forward the contact name and telephone number of the person actually holding the meeting as an alternate contact. 
  • Let us know of cancellations as soon as possible so we may accommodate others requiring a conference room. 
  • Reservation are made on a first come first served basis.
  • Reservations are made as a courtesy to non-BFS entities and may be preempted by the Office of the Controller should an extraordinary circumstance arise. 
  • Retain your e-mail confirmation and bring it with you on the day of your meeting. 
  • Note also that a request for multiple possible dates can not be held as the conference room calendars are dynamic and can be booked by anyone in BFS at any time. 
  • All requests are only handled in writing.
  • Return conference room to the same state it was in before you used it including:
    • Moving chairs back to original condition
    • Removing all trash
    • If you change the set up of conference room 430A is must be returned to its original set up before you leave – we do not provide set up or A/V support.
    • The conference table in 300a may not be disassembled under any circumstances.  Anyone disassembling the table will be charged to have it properly reassembled.

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