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Facilities Management Project Management Group

The project manager oversees the many details of renovation and alteration jobs on campus.

The Facilities Management Project Management group assigns a project manager (PM) to each renovation or alteration project. The PM oversees the detailed coordination of your job and serves as your primary contact. (For information about the types of projects this group undertakes, see Construction and Renovation.)

The PM resolves the often-conflicting concerns of groups affected by construction and maintenance work on campus, including:

  • Clients
  • Contractors
  • Maintenance staff
  • Parking staff
  • Code and life safety authorities
  • People with disabilities
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)
  • Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT)

Your project manager is responsible for:

  • Supervising a cost-effective design solution, which may be created in-house or by a consulting firm. For small projects not affecting safety, structural, mechanical or electrical systems, the PM may be the designer.
  • Obtaining reviews and approvals from university offices and public agencies, including distributing review sets of drawings and specifications, at appropriate stages of document completion:
    • For large projects — at schematic, design development, 50% and 100% complete
    • Smaller projects — fewer iterations required
  • Preparing cost estimates and budgets, and ensuring adequate funds are on hand
  • Preparing schedules and updates
  • Ensuring compliance with campus standards as well as local, state, and federal codes
  • Ensuring the project is advertised on schedule and bid documents are available for distribution
  • Ensuring bids are received in conformance with university requirements
  • Monitoring work during construction and keeping clients informed
  • Providing follow-up service after occupancy as needed