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Supplier Information Form

View a sample of the supplier information forms that are sent out to both domestic and foreign suppliers so they can be set up in Marketplace.

Do not fill out the sample forms

The following forms are for reference only. Suppliers need to complete the form electronically. Issue the form electronically to a supplier here.

Marketplace has a highly secure and vetted supplier addition process, to protect both the University and the Supplier from risk and to mitigate errors in the order and payment processing by having the most current information on file.

The supplier form:

  • is online, secure, and encrypts sensitive and private information
  • includes the equivalent of W9 information, but asks for more than just the W9
  • contains an optional section for suppliers to identify themselves as a small and/or diverse business
  • confirms Remit-To and Payment information, offering the option for paper-free payments
  • protects the University and the Supplier by requesting the most up-to-date, accurate information

If you have received questions about completing this form from a supplier, they can be directed to the Marketplace Help Desk (mphelp@ucsd.edu

Domestic supplier (click the image below to see the entire form):


Foreign supplier (click the image below to see the entire form):