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How to Hire Performing Artists for Campus Events

Faculty and staff, learn how to hire performing artists and speakers and how to complete university performance contracts.

All performance agreements for campus departments, UCSD staff, and faculty must be processed through the University Events Office (UEO). Follow the steps below.

In the right place? Student organizations must submit performance agreement and event planning information through their Center for Student Involvement advisor.

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1. Decide what kind of performer(s) you want to hire, and make sure they are eligible for UCSD contract agreements.

  • Performing artists in these categories are eligible for UCSD contract agreements:
    • Speaker
    • DJ
    • Band
    • Vocalist
    • Dance company/ dancer
    • Magician
  • These types of entertainment are not eligible:
    • Rides
    • Games

2. Gather the information you will need for the online contract.

  • Event title, performer's name, and description of event
  • Performance date, start and end time, performance venue
  • Any university obligations, such as travel arrangements, accommodations, or necessary equipment
  • Payment information, including address, phone number, and citizenship of payee and amount to be paid
  • Sponsoring department information, including department name and Mail Code, and your name, phone number, and e-mail

3. Complete and submit the appropriate online performance contract.

  • Choose the correct form, depending on the total monetary value of the performance:
    • If the total monetary value is less than $1,000, complete and submit the short form.
      • Your department must pay a $10 form processing fee, which will be recharged to the index number you provide.
    • If the total monetary value is $1,000 or greater, complete and submit the long form.
      • Your department must pay a $15 form processing fee, which will be recharged to the index number you provide.
  • UEO will e-mail you a PDF of the completed performance agreement.

4. Arrange for the performance agreement to be signed.

  • Following instructions on the agreement form, the artist or agent will sign the performance agreement and return it via fax or mail to the University Events Office.
    • If the signed agreement is returned to you by mistake, mail it to University Events Office (UEO), Mail Code 0064, or fax to Sonia Berry at (858) 246-0153.
  • The University Events Office will send you a copy of the executed performance agreement.

5. Arrange for the performer to be paid.

  • After you receive a copy of the signed agreement, see How to Pay a Performing Artist.
    • You must have a fully executed contract before payment can be made.

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