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Electronic Supplier Invoice Initiative

Learn more about the electronic invoice initiative.

How it works

When your department buys goods or services in Marketplace a purchase order (PO number always starts with "9") is sent to the supplier.

Once goods have been sent, or services have occurred, a supplier then submits an invoice (or bill) to UC San Diego to request payment. The invoice should include the PO number and information about the goods or services, such as a shipping date, quantity ordered, unit price, amount due and reflect the predetermined payment terms and conditions. There are currently two billing options:

  1. Electronically - when a supplier directly transmits invoice data electronically to UCSD, this is referred to as e-invoicing and is designated by an ei in Marketplace. An advantage to electronic invoices is the cost savings  to both the supplier and UC San Diego.At present, the number of suppliers is limited but growing as this is the preferred method by many suppliers and UCSD.
    Note: While the turnaround time is quick, due to a combination of speed, timing, and format, index-only or account code-only PO revisions with ei suppliers cannot be processed.
  2. Paper - a supplier submits the invoice by US mail directly to Disbursements as guided by the instructions on the PO.

The documents below are related to purchasing goods or services, but they are not invoices:

  • Statements
  • Packing slips
  • Sales order acknowledgements
  • Purchase orders
  • Order forms

Disbursements processes payment to suppliers by electronically matching the invoices received to the Purchase Order, to ensure payments are made within agreed terms. However, departments are responsible for verifying the charges on their ledger and contacting the supplier in case of discrepancies.

Transition to electronic invoices (ei)

UC San Diego is proactively transitioning many suppliers who are currently sending paper invoices to an electronic method. Disbursements is targeting specific suppliers to become ei suppliers.

This will result in:

  • the elimination of paper invoice management
  • faster invoice processing
  • shorter payment terms

UC San Diego is partnering with the Transcepta Electronic Procure-to-Pay Network to begin receiving invoices electronically. 

Registration with Transcepta is free for suppliers, and does not require that they change invoice fomatting or any technical build. They offer several secure online methods for sending invoices and will guide suppliers through determining what invoice submission method best meets their needs. 

If a supplier contacts you about this initiative, or about Transcepta, please feel free to confirm that this is the university’s preferred payment method and direct them to Electronic Invoicing & Payment for more information. It is Disbursements’ goal to have all suppliers become ei.