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Wires and Drafts: Overview

Read the information below to learn more about wires and drafts for international transactions.

You can request a wire when your department needs to transfer funds electronically into a payee's bank account that is outside the United States. To request a check in a foreign currency, you can request a draft.

In the right place?

  • For travel-related wires, see Travel.
  • Review the Direct Deposit Overview for information on sending U.S. dollars to a payee in the United States.

Request a wire to a U.S. bank when

  • A foreign individual or vendor has a domestic bank
  • An electronic transfer of funds in U.S. currency is required
  • The payee's banking institution is inside the United States

Request a wire to a foreign bank when

  • An electronic transfer of funds in foreign currency or U.S. dollars is required
  • The payee and their banking institution are outside the United States

Request a draft in foreign currency when

Requesting a wire or draft in euros

If the desired currency belongs to a country participating in the Economic Monetary Union (EMU), the wire or draft must be requested in euros. For drafts, you must also specify the country. Review the euro section of Foreign Currency Requirements (PDF) to see which countries participate in the EMU.

Bank codes

Find out about bank codes needed for requesting wires: ABA, IBAN, SWIFT/ BIC, BSB, and CLABE.

Receiving bank wires

Find out about receiving bank wires (electronic fund transfers).