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Direct Deposit Overview

Read about Disbursements direct deposit, the preferred method of payment for employees, non-employees, and vendors.

When employees and non-employees enroll in Disbursements direct deposit, requests for payment and travel reimbursements are deposited directly into their bank accounts. UCSD vendors can also enroll in Disbursements direct deposit to have invoice payments deposited into a specified account.

Requirements for deposits outside the U.S.

The University of California is obligated to comply with requirements of the U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which oversees payments sent outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. This includes automated clearing house (ACH) payments, such as electronic funds transfers (EFT) or direct deposits. Effective September 18, 2009, the University is obligated to identify any EFT/ direct deposit payments that are made by the University to:

  • A financial institution outside the U.S.
  • A domestic financial institution, if that financial institution immediately transfers the full deposit amount to a financial institution outside the U.S. in a back-to-back transaction

If you have instructions with your recipient bank to immediately wire the full amount of the direct deposit to a foreign bank, we will not be able to establish direct deposit for your payments.

Enroll in, change, or cancel a Disbursements direct deposit agreement

Turnaround time for direct deposit activities

  • Initial enrollment: Allow seven to ten days to establish an initial enrollment in UCSD's system and in the bank's system.
  • Changes and cancellations: Requests to change or cancel a direct deposit agreement are processed by Disbursements as they are received.

Direct deposit confirmation

When a direct deposit is issued, a confirmation is sent to the payee via e-mail or to the payee's postal address if e-mail is unavailable. The confirmation is sent two days before the settlement date and provides:

  • A description of the payment
  • The date the payment was issued to the bank
  • The dollar amount of the payment

See how to verify the issue date for a direct deposit.

Availability of funds

Funds that have been deposited directly into a payee's account are generally available within two banking days after the transmission date.

More information

  • For questions about direct deposit posting or deposit forms and set up, contact us through ASK (login required, Category: Adding/Updating Suppliers or Payees; Sub-Category: Direct Deposit/ACH for Payees or Suppliers. If you do not have Single Sign-On access, email us at disbursements@ucsd.edu.
  • Direct deposit for students.
This page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/traveldirectdeposit