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How to Stop Payment on a Disbursements Check

Use this step-by-step guide to place a stop-payment on a check that was issued by Disbursements but was lost, destroyed, or never received.

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1. Write a request.

  • Write a statement requesting stop-payment on a particular check.
  • If you would like the check to be reissued, please state this in your request and include the payee's correct mailing address.

2. Submit the request.

Submit the request through ASK (login required). If you do not have Single Sign-On access, please contact us by email at disbursements@ucsd.edu. Or, fax the information to the appropriate contact from the list below:

The turnaround time for a stop-payment is approximately five banking days.

In an emergency, a check can be canceled and reissued in 24 hours. Contact the appropriate staff member in the list above to request an emergency stop-payment on a Disbursements check.

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