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How to Report a Stolen Check (Disbursements)

Use this step-by-step guide to report a stolen check that was issued by Disbursements.

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1. Contact a member of the Disbursements Office.

Submit the information through ASK (login required). If you do not have Single Sign-On access, please contact us by email at disbursements@ucsd.edu. Or, fax the information to the appropriate contact from the list below:

2. Disbursements researches the status of the check.

If the check has not been cashed
  • Disbursements will stop pay and reissue the check
If the check has been cashed
  • Disbursements will generate a copy of the cashed check to send to the payee to verify the endorsed signature
If the check has not been cashed by the payee
  • The payee notifies the Disbursements' contact that the endorsed signature on the copy of the cashed check is not theirs

3. If required, Disbursements files a claim.

Disbursements will file a claim of forged endorsement with the bank on behalf of the payee.

  1. Disbursements will prepare an affidavit of forged endorsement form.
  2. Disbursements will send the form to the payee via U. S. mail along with a letter of instruction.
  3. Payee will need to complete the form and obtain a notarized signature.
  4. Payee returns the original, notarized form back to Disbursements via campus or U. S. mail.
  5. Disbursements will file the claim with the bank.

NOTE: The turnaround time for the bank to process a claim is generally four to six weeks. If the check was cashed in a foreign country, the turnaround time may be longer. Payment cannot be reissued until the claim is resolved by the bank.

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