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How to Request a Copy of a Cashed Disbursements Check

If you need to get a copy of a cashed check, use these step-by-step instructions.

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1. Go to Payee History in FinancialLink.

  1. Go to FinancialLink.
  2. Click Reports (on the sidebar to the left).
  3. Click Payee History under the heading "Accounts Payable Reports."
  4. Log in. If you do not have access to FinancialLink, follow the directions in How to Get Access to UCSD Business Systems.

2. Find the check number.

  1. Enter the vendor name or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  2. Enter the invoice number for the payment in question.
    • If the invoice number has fewer than 9 characters, add zeros in front of the number until it has 9 characters.
    • If the invoice number has more than 9 characters, omit characters from the left until only 9 remain.
  3. Click Display History.
  4. The display will return all payments made to the vendor.
  5. Either make a manual note of the check number or electronically copy the check number for use in step 4.

3. Go to IFIS (Integrated Financial Information System).

If you do not have access to IFIS, follow the directions in How to Get Access to UCSD Business Systems.

4. Find the check cash date.

  • In IFIS, go to the check maintenance screen, located in the accounts payable module.
  • Input the check number from step 2 above and click Enter.
  • The display will return all information relating to the check.
  • If the check has been cashed, you'll see a note with the cash date just below "check amount."

5. Send your request for a copy of the cashed Disbursements check.

Submit the following information through ASK (login required). If you do not have Business Systems access, please submit the information by email to disbursements@ucsd.edu

  1. Check number
  2. Check cash date
  3. Your name
  4. Your telephone extension
  5. Your Mail Code

6. Allow several days for processing.

  • Allow at least 2–3 working days for your request to be processed.
  • Processing time may vary depending on number of checks requested.
  • Disbursements will send your copy of the cashed check via inter-campus mail.

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