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Staff Performance Appraisal Project: Governance and Teams

Learn more about the staff performance appraisal project team structure.

The staff performance appraisal project consists of three pillars of governance teams to launch a new meaningful, simplified, and standardized performance appraisal process.

  • Thought Leadership Team: approves construct, phase structure, and methodology; ensures solution aligns with project mission.
  • Steering Committee: develops and recommends methodology; participate in workgroups that develop definitions and measurements; proposes tool design and functionality; ensures operational and administrative feasibility.
  • Workgroups and Implementation Teams: consists of Steering Committee and additional staff as needed, that will choose which workgroups to participate in to help with definitions and measurements; provide input into tool design and functionality; and ensure operational and administrative applicability.

Thought Leadership Team Members

  • Cathy Ledford, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources; Project Sponsor
  • Joanne Tolbert-Wells, Director of Employee Relations, HR; Project Champion
  • Melani Roberson, Sr. Admin Analyst – Office of Strategic Initiatives; Project Manager
  • Kathy Hay, Director/Org Development - Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
  • Russell King,  Associate Director/Strategic Initiatives – Housing, Dining & Hospitality
  • Garry MacPherson, Associate Vice Chancellor - Environment Health & Safety
  • Steven Gallagher, Associate Vice Chancellor - SIO/DO
  • Caprece Speaks-Toler, Director of Compensation / Interim Director of Benefits - Human Resources
  • Ashley Gambhir, Director of Operations & Innovation – Office of Strategic Initiatives
  • Pearl Trinidad-Charfauros, Executive Director PMBI
  • Brian Lorentz, Director HR-IT - ITS- Business Tech Services
  • Jude Poole, Director IT, Division of Biological Sciences

Steering Committee and Workgroup Members

  • Stacey McDermaid, HR Manager - Vice Chancellor Research
  • Linda Thai Schlossmann, PR HR Analyst/HR Contact - Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
  • Stephanie Wong, PR Admin Analyst - Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  • Amber Fehling, Sr. Admin Analyst - Vice Chancellor Marine Sciences
  • Missie Jacobs, HR/Talent Management Director - Development
  • Mira Dover, RMP-HR Officer - Resource Management & Planning Human Resources
  • Patricia Arnett, PR Admin Analyst - Chancellor’s Office
  • Patty Camacho, Business Officer - Division of Biological Sciences
  • Danielle Schulte, Employee Relations Specialist - Human Resources
  • Pedro Scotto, Assistant Dean - Provost – Eleanor Roosevelt College
  • Ji Song, Fiscal/HR Manage - Nanoengineering
  • Mercedes Munoz, Executive Director/Financial Management - Chancellor’s Office
  • Danrussell Angeles, Senior Talent/Organization Development Consultant - Health Sciences Human Resources
  • Margaret Nagase, Associate Director/HR – Housing, Dining & Hospitality
  • Davyda Johnson, HR Manager - BFS-Controller/Admin
  • Tammy Blevins, Associate Director/Annual Giving and Pipeline Development, Advancement; Treasurer, Black Staff Association
  • Luis Legaspi, Student Affairs Officer - Student Affairs / International Education; Chair for the LGBT Staff and Faculty Association
  • Ebonee Williams, Executive Director/Gordon Center - Jacobs School of Engineering; Chair-Elect, Staff Association
  • Melanie Doyle, Staff HR and Payroll Manager, Division of Biological Sciences
  • Linda Veliz, Principal Personnel Analyst, Human Resources
  • Bernadette Han, Principal Consultant, Human Resources
  • Kate Wilhelm, Director of Talent/Org Dev - Health Sciences Human Resources
  • Glynda Davis, Senior Diversity Officer, Vice Chancellor EDI

Informed Members

  • Marianne Generales, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Affairs
  • Ahren Crickard, ATS Project Portfolio Manager, Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs