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Staff Performance Appraisal Project: Documents

To learn more about the staff performance appraisal project, please see the project documents below.

The purpose of the staff performance appraisal process redesign is to simplify and standardize the process for supervisors and make performance appraisals more meaningful for staff. This project meets the campus’ desire to redesign, update, and standardize the process based on the IdeaWave campaign feedback received in late 2015. Upon completion of Phase I, the new process will have examined, revised, and implemented a new performance appraisal process that is simplified, standardized, and will align more appropriately with the annual merit based pay increase system. 

  • The signed Project Charter (PDF) includes what the staff performance appraisal project intends to accomplish and the timeline of goals set forth. The project charter is a summary version of what is included in the Project Plan below.
  • The Staff Performance Appraisal Project Plan (PDF) (last updated April 17, 2017) is a more detailed version of the entire staff performance appraisal project and is updated on a consistent basis as goals are accomplished, and changes occur.
  • The Staff Performance Appraisal Communication Plan (PDF) (last updated May 1, 2017) is a detailed look at all of the meetings and town halls that occur in Spring 2017 to present the work of the entire project team to the campus. 
  • The Preliminary Training Plan Assessment (Excel) was created by a workgroup consisting of Steering Committee members on October 26, 2016 and is intended to begin the process of outlining what trainings will be needed, and where there may be gaps in current training content.
  • The Preliminary Risk Assessment (Excel) was created by a workgroup consisting of Steering Committee members on October 26, 2016 and helps conceptualize and explore the risks associated with the staff performance appraisal project. This assessment gave the workgroup members an opportunity to talk through ways to mitigate potential issues in delivering a new, simple, and standardized performance appraisal process for those impacted by this process change.