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Subsidized Child Care (ECEC)

UCSD's Early Childhood Education Center offers year-round, full-time subsidized child care to faculty, staff, and students through a program sponsored by the California Department of Education. If you meet the guidelines below, you may qualify for state-subsidized child care.


To qualify for subsidy support, both parents must be working or in school and also meet the income eligibility guidelines below. Children must be at least 3 months old and are eligible up to age 5-1/2. (The kindergarten program is not subsidized.)

Family Size Maximum Monthly Income*
2 (single parent working full time) $3,283
3 $3,518
4 $3,908
5 $4,534
*Income levels are based on the state’s sliding subsidy scale.


Available subsidized spaces are filled based on the order in which applications are received and family need.

Complete an online application.

Waiting list

Submitting an application puts your child or children on a waiting list. When a subsidized child leaves the program, a child from the subsidized list will be admitted in accordance with state contract requirements.


Eligible children are ranked based on family size and adjusted income with the lowest per capita income admitted first. When 2 or more families rank equally, the family that applied first is given priority.

Within this ranking, first priority is given to children referred to the program by Child Protective Services. Second priority is given to children of UCSD students who meet income and need eligibility requirements.